Inspiration : Jerry Uelsmann by Sean Foote

I have not been "trained" in any sense of the word in photography. My artwork is raw and it is a culmination of experience painting on canvas and diving into charcoal on paper as a fine artist, balanced against designing and marketing in a full speed ahead digital world. I can recall a time when I was a young art student searching for direction to express myself. I took up graphic design (print and web) as a trade, given my father was a design and landscape architect and my mother was an art historian of sorts - it seemed like a natural extension for me.

It seems natural for me to capture moments in time and share them in unique ways - to inspire people to look at the world with fresh eyes. To stop a moment and take in everything around them, to appreciate it all for what it is.

I recall the first time I saw a Jerry Uelsmann piece (the one below) and how it lit a fire in my mind. A fire that burns to this day. To be able to take photography and expand it, push it to a place of surrealism. Raw, emotional - and all in the dark room. It was like magic to me, pushing photography to a place it had not been before. 

Artwork by Jerry Uelsmann:

Organic Development by Sean Foote

I have been struggling with what exactly the purpose of this blog will be, hence the lack of posts thus far. I have kicked around a range of ideas that will be coming along soon, in a range of applications. I know one thing for sure, it will be used as a source of ongoing inspiration for me and hopefully for some of the folks that decide to frequent it over time as it develops. It will also be a natural space for me to share thoughts and my path as an artist. A place to spotligh art from a range of artists (not just photographers), a space to share my own growth, a resource of sorts to those who come "along for the ride." My intention is to keep the process of my arts development as organic and mutable as possible - to not "force" anything.

This is a struggle for me with my forward focused and determined nature, that I stay on course with my discipline to be.... well, undisciplined, and let my inspiration and art simply flow. So, like the random capture of the violet in this blog entry - here is to accepting opportunity and the dynamic nature of life!

My intention is to keep the process of my arts development as organic and mutable as possible - to not "force" anything. 

African Violet (Chicago, IL)

Chicago & Social by Sean Foote

I am going to really be getting back involved with my art in the Chicago scene. I am going to be designing/sharing quotes and photo combinations (like the one below) exclusively through my Sean Foote : Photographer Facebook page and other social networking sites (Twitter, Instagram, Pintrest, Google+). Also will be sharing photography/art news, event info, resources, inspirational art (and artists) and much more there and here on this blog as well.

This is just the first step of MANY. 

Please feel free to follow me on my journey and share as it suits you with those you feel would appreciate it - it would help me immeasurably. Thanks in advance!

River North Skyline (Chicago, IL)