Exploring the harbour : Sydney, Australia

Photography to me, is a vessel to share one’s perspective of a moment in time. To be able to instantaneously capture a memory and showcase it to the world is an inspiring idea.

I have always believed that there is inherent beauty in all things. My mission as an artist is to present much of what the world has overlooked in a fresh way. To capture color, light, and structure all mixed in compositions that offer a unique viewpoint. To look closer. To bring details of that unique beauty up to the surface. 

I have spent my entire life appreciating and studying art. Being raised in California by a family of historians, artists, and designers it was natural for me to follow suit and explore my artistic expression. I have studied art in the form of art history, paint, sculpture, various fields within design, and much of that knowledge and technique has culminated in my photography. I have also been fortunate to travel the world from Northern Europe to Southern Australia and out to the far reaches of Easter Island and Japan. Many of the best moments of my travels are captured and featured on my website and photo-journaled through my social media channels. 

My artwork is a culmination of my life's dream, I have always wanted to travel and share my experiences with the world. I will continue to learn and challenge myself to evolve as an artist through my life journey via my art and travels.